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   2x12 - We're Gonna Be All Right

US : 15 January 2006

Cast : Kurt Fuller (Det. Barton), Bob Gunton (Noah Taylor), Brent Kinsman (Preston Scavo), Joy Lauren (Danielle Van De Kamp), Shane Kinsman (Porter Scavo), Shawn Pyfrom (Andrew Van De Kamp), Zane Huett (Parker Scavo) , Alejandro Patino (Ralph), Albert Garcia (Luis), Harriet Sansom Harris (Felicia Tilman), Greg Germann (Jim Halverson), Sonia Iris Lozada (Blood Drive Nurse), Verda Bridges (Blood Drive Nurse), Sandra Purpuro (Prostitute), Nikki Tyler (Prostitute), Jon Spinogatti (MRI Technician), Roberto Sanchez (Police Officer), Jay Harrington (Dr. Ron Berman), Robert Cicchini (Scott Tollman)

Writing : Alexandra Cunningham

Direction : David Grossman

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Gabrielle's new gardener alerts her to a web site that has nude photos of her. Seems an old photographer boyfriend is getting even with her for dumping him. Carlos isn't thrilled about the situation, but since Gabby gave the boyfriend the photos as a gift, they're legally his. Gabby counters that he'll fold if Carlos roughs him up a little, but since Carlos has turned over a new leaf, he refuses.

So her next stunt is to do her everyday yoga on the front porch -- naked! She tells Carlos since he doesn't mind men drooling over her nude body, he should be fine with this. Carlos agrees to see the photographer, but plans just to talk him into taking the photos down. It turns out the ex was just about to do that without being asked. But then he tells Carlos that it's because Gabby wasn't "Internet pretty." That does it -- Carlos sends him crashing through the window.

Susan's epically bad first date with a guy ends up with both of them in the emergency room after they literally butt heads by accident, where she meets the charming and handsome Dr. Ron. But at her followup appointment, the nurse says he doesn't need to see her unless there are serious complications. So she makes up a slew of symptoms to make sure that the doctor will see her. He schedules an MRI for her, and gets a nice view of her in her underwear when she mistakenly thinks she needs to undress.

When her MRI comes back normal, he shows up at her house to tell her he can't figure it out, but he'll keep trying. She admits she made up her symptoms and he's furious. He tells her he stayed up all night, poring over medical books to help her. But he's not so very mad, because he asks her out for sushi.

Tom insists Lynette stay home to tend the kids when they have chicken pox, since he's never had it. He's afraid of one of the side effects that can hit grown men: sterility. Lynette says it's no big deal since they're not planning on having any more kids, but he says he wants to keep his options open, in case anything ever happens to her. That sends her into a tirade about how he shouldn't have options and that if he really loved her, he would get a vasectomy. He agrees, but then chickens out at the last minute. He tells her he already feels emasculated taking care of the kids and that he's not happy with their arrangement anymore.

The Applewhites have become very outgoing and neighborly since the body was found in front of their house, but that doesn't satisfy Bree and her friends. Bree calls up Detective Barton, who has been quite friendly since finding out she didn't kill Rex. Over lunch at a nice restaurant, he's disappointed to learn that she just wanted to ask him to run a background check on the Applewhites and that this isn't a date. He turns spiteful, insisting that she shouldn't drive after three glasses of wine and one glass of port. She refuses, so he follows her and then pulls her over for drunk driving. When she accuses him of being petty, he arrests her.

With her car impounded, and no money, she has no way home, and she's too proud to call her friends, so she decides to walk. Betty sees her and offers her a lift. She explains her predicament after Betty says she can keep a secret. But when Betty isn't quick enough to reassure her that it must have all been a mistake, Bree lashes into her, saying Betty apparently has plenty of secrets to keep: moving in the middle of the night, the mysterious noises -- and the body.

When she gets home, Bree has a message from Det. Barton. He feels terrible about how he acted and he's left her information about the dead man.

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A big audience for an NFL playoff game and the season premiere of "24" lifted FOX past ABC in Sunday's ratings, although ABC's lineup didn't really suffer.

FOX averaged a 13.1 rating/19 share in primetime, with those numbers likely to change some due to the live broadcast. ABC was a solid second at 10.2/15. CBS, 8.3/12, finished third, with NBC coming in fourth at 5.5/8. The WB trailed with a 1.7/3.

Among adults 18-49, FOX's 9.2 rating led the way. ABC finished second at 7.0. From there, there was a huge drop to third-place CBS at 2.7. NBC averaged 2.5 and The WB 1.1.

The NFL playoff game between the Carolina Panthers and Chicago Bears scored an 18.4/29 for FOX at 7 p.m. CBS got a 6.5/10 from "60 Minutes." ABC was third with "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," topping the 4.1/6 for "Dateline NBC." The WB went with two episodes of "Reba."

FOX held the lead at 8 p.m., averaging 11.9/17 with the final minutes of football and the start of "24." CBS was second in households with "Cold Case," 9.2/13, although a second hour of "EM: Home Edition" (9.0/13) had more total viewers. NBC held steady with "The West Wing," and The WB's "Charmed" posted a 2.2/3.

"Desperate Housewives," 13.9/20, moved ABC into the top spot at 9 p.m. Hour two of "24" came in at 9.0/13 for FOX. CBS drew an 8.5/12 with the movie "Jesse Stone: Night Passage," while NBC improved to 6.9/10 with "Law & Order: Criminal Intent." The WB aired a "Supernatural" repeat.

At 10 p.m., "Grey's Anatomy" averaged 12.2/19 for ABC, easily beating the conclusion of CBS' movie, 9.0/14, and NBC's "Crossing Jordan," 7.0/11.

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