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   27 April 2005 - 'Housewives' Boy Toy Lands Feature Debut

Source : Zap2It

Jesse Metcalfe, breaking hearts on the small screen on ABC's smash hit "Desperate Housewives," is ready to make pulses race on the big screen as well.

Metcalfe has landed the titled role in "John Tucker." The 20th Century Fox comedy will mark the feature film debut for the 26-year-old actor.

"John Tucker" focuses on a a man whose three ex-girlfriends plot to make him fall in love with the new girl in town, in the hopes that she'll break his heart. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Betty Thomas ("Doctor Dolittle") is directing the script by TV scribe Jeff Lowell ("Inside Schwartz").

Production on "John Tucker" will begin this summer in New Orleans.

As gardner John Rowland, Metcalfe has romanced Eva Longoria's Gabrielle Solis throughout the first season of "Desperate Housewives." A late addition to the "Housewives" cast, Metcalfe's previous credits included a lengthy stint on NBC's "Passions"

   21 April 2005 - All About Eva

Source : Rolling Stone

These days, lots of people want a piece of Eva Longoria, who is probably the biggest thing to come out of the biggest must-see water-cooler-type program to arrive on network TV in years: ABC's weird and warped suburban soap opera, Desperate Housewives. Let's say she steps onto the red carpet at an awards show, wearing a white Halston pantsuit, nothing on top but the jacket, naturally brown breasts barely hidden. The photographers go wild. "Eva, come over here, right in the middle!" they shout. "Eva! Eva! Eva, once more! Eva, smile! Eva, one time right here! Eva, straight ahead, please!"

So, they want her. As do all the TV talk shows; she's already sat next to Jay Leno ("an A-class guy"), Oprah Winfrey ("my favorite interview"), Conan O'Brien ("hilarious, funny"), and Regis and Kelly ("I wasn't so hot on Regis"). As do any number of companies hoping she'll agree to hawk their goods; Crest toothpaste, for example, supposedly wanted to give her $250,000 just to mention, on two national talk shows, Crest Whitestrips -- an offer that Eva turned down not only because she's a Colgate girl but also because "it's really hard to slip something like that in. What am I going to say, 'You know, if it wasn't for Crest Whitestrips, I would never have gotten my part in Desperate Housewives!' " The tabloids also have a thing for her and sometimes hide themselves in the bushes across from her house. Usher digs her too; at last year's American Music Awards, he cornered her and hard-pitched her the idea of doing a video together ("It was so Hollywood!"). And so do a variety of guys; first it was singer JC Chasez, formerly of the boy band 'NSync, whom she reportedly ditched; after him, San Antonio Spurs basketball player Tony Parker; after him, actor Butch Klein, from TV's 24.

In all regards, then, she's highly, absolutely desirable. She's also Mexican-American, a veteran of the daytime soaps and the proud possessor of any number of good, short off-color jokes ("Why do rabbits screw so quietly? They have cotton balls!"). And, finally, at the end of most days, she's all tuckered out from all the action going on around her, so tuckered out that this morning she woke up fifteen minutes before sunrise saying, "Where am I?" She didn't even know that she was living in a rented Spanish-style pad in the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles. Momentarily, everything was a blur. But then her surroundings resolved themselves. There, next to her on the bed, was her beloved white Maltese, Jinxy; there, all the scripts she was reading, scattered about; there, on the bedside table, a bottle of water, more scripts and her vibrators.

Awake now, she rolled out of bed -- as usual, she was naked -- and wobbled into the bathroom. She took a leak, unspooled a few squares of Charmin, then jumped into the shower, where she washed her hair and brushed her teeth. Shortly thereafter, she worked up a sweat with her personal trainer, changed clothes (into tight, designer-expensive Hudson jeans, over a pretty pink G-string, the only kind of underwear she owns, with Uggs for her feet), hopped into her white Mercedes, zoomed off, stopped for coffee, cruised over to see her acting coach, went to see her lawyer, palavered with her manager on her cell, and that was only how her day began.

Clearly it's no cakewalk being the freshest face and the youngest star, at the age of thirty, on a hit show like Desperate Housewives, with more than 25 million viewers tuning in each week to see what naughtiness her character, hotsy-totsy ex-model Gabrielle Solis, is up to. It's also no party being a lust object for teen boys everywhere, largely due to Gabrielle's sweaty seduction of her seventeen-year-old gardener, played with a look of rapt appreciation by Jesse Metcalfe. But does Eva complain? Eva does not. Eva has been working toward this for seven years, ever since she made it to L.A. from her hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas; and if nothing else, Eva is ambitious.

"This industry positions you to want more all the time, and it works well with my personality, because I'm very aggressive and driven," she says forthrightly. "I think that scares some people, because I will get things done no matter what. I'm always moving. I barely dot my i's, and I never cross my t's. I don't have enough time."

As it happens, though, she's a few other things, too. For one, she's newly orgasmic, having had her first only four or five years ago; currently, nose to the grindstone, she is diligently working to make up for lost time. For another, she's in love with love. "I am totally about love," she says. "It's my vice. I love the whole roller coaster of emotions that come with it, the good, the bad, the simmering. I've only been in love twice. The rest have been crushes. But I think you should fall in love as often as you can. And, oh, honey, I have many more to go. In fact, my motto is 'Fall in love a lot and fall hard!' " That being the case, it seems reasonable to suspect that any guy who hooks up with Eva will not be hooking up with Eva for long. In a sense, right now at least, she's making herself constantly available, which is an interesting thing to ponder, a constantly available Eva, and what you might get if you got Eva as your girl.

She's on her way to The Ellen DeGeneres Show and displaying some of herself in the back seat of a limo. Today's jeans are hip-hugging, pre-ripped True Religions. Her eyes are cocoa, her hair the same, glossily. She's the tiniest thing, five feet two without spike heels, but when she speaks, it's loudly, and when she laughs, which she does often, it's a full-on bray. Her hands like to flutter. She has a tendency, whenever there's a lull in a conversation, to nearly yell, "What else? Bring it on!!!!!" If words don't cut it -- and almost all of her sentences end with an implied exclamation point or five -- she will stab the air with her crossed leg, adding even more emphasis. "I just have this natural adrenaline going through me all the time," she says. "I'm very energetic and very passionate about everything: life, the weather, work, love, everything." At the moment, of course, she's most passionate about Desperate Housewives and soon launches into the tale of how she got cast, which pretty much follows the line of a typical Hollywood success story. In 2003, she's on ABC's L.A. Dragnet when it gets canceled; the network wants to keep her, so it sends her every new script for the 2004 pilot season; the one that stands out as being "twenty times better than anything else" is Desperate Housewives; she goes in on the first day of casting, ends up being the first one cast, and then starts worrying that the show is too good, "so dark and so different" that it'll never get picked up for a full season; it does; it's huge almost even before its first hour-long episode airs; and almost immediately thereafter, the free bottles of shampoo start rolling in.

"I haven't paid for shampoo in five months," she says, happily. "The perks of being on a number-one show are good!!!!!"

What she brings to the show is a kind of manic ennui that leads her character to mow the lawn in an evening gown and hide from her husband the job failings of the family gardener who doubles as her lover. What she brings to the lineup of other actresses on the show -- Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman and Nicollette Sheridan -- is her relative youth. She's more than ten years younger than any of them and has taken to calling them "seasoned women." As she told Vanity Fair, "There might be more pressure for them -- as their 'comeback' from their 'has-been' days. I have nothing to prove yet."

On the other hand, what she brings to a bright California afternoon is a lot of warmth, because that's just the kind of person she is, which in her case can be both good and bad. "I'm very accessible, very open, and very like, 'Hey, how are you?' And sometimes people mistake that as 'She's flirting' or 'She's interested,' when I'm just openly talkative and touchy-feely affectionate. I had a very jealous relationship where the guy couldn't stand it, but I've had others where that's what they loved so much about me. I love holding hands and giving people I meet a hug and a kiss, and the people who know me know 'Oh, that's just Eva,' but those who don't, they're sometimes like, 'Hey, baby, what's your number?' Anyway, I don't think you should censor yourself in life, and if I'm not myself that's what I tend to do." `

Who she is today, exactly, is still a little up in the air. For a while she talks about her first big acting gig, playing Isabella Brana Williams on the soap opera The Young and the Restless, from 2001 to 2003. There was only one thing she didn't like about it: the soap formula of every day either having to cry or pretend to have sex. "The sex scenes were easier for me, because I can tap into my sexuality," she says. "But the crying was hard. Some soap actresses can turn it on like a faucet. Oh, Melody Thomas Scott, she's an amazing crier. She's like, 'What eye do you want it out of?' But I didn't have that, and I would fear scenes that called for it." She says that when she first moved to L.A. -- having never acted before in her life, though she had won a beauty contest or two back home -- she wasn't sure if she could hack it in the business. "I was like, 'Oh, my God, I'm never going to be a good actor, because I have no darkness to draw from.' I don't know if you've ever met Jack Nicholson or Al Pacino, but they're off. And it makes them geniuses. And I'm like, 'I want to be like that!' But I never will be, because I'm normal. I had the happiest upbringing ever."

That happiest upbringing consisted of being properly raised by her schoolteacher mom, Ella Eva, and her Army engineer dad, Enrique; attending Catholic school; learning to hunt with her dad; never getting in much trouble but for the time she stole some gum, which her mom made her return; not losing her virginity until the late-blooming age of seventeen; graduating from Texas A&M, Kingsville, with a Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology; and, before trying acting, planning to become a sports trainer for the Dallas Cowboys.

Normal, though, is in the eyes of the beholder, and soon she's running in a different direction, talking about her various likes and dislikes, revealing more of what condition her human condition is in. "My favorite drink now -- I usually drink it virgin, because I drank it once in college and had a bad experience -- is called Come in My Panties," she says, with a teasing smile. On a scale of one to ten in the kissing department, she says, smolderingly, "I'm a fricking fifteen, man!" From there, it's a short leap to the bedroom itself. What's the position she likes best? "Missionary! I love the closeness of missionary, because I love kissing." And, as regards doing it doggy-style, she says she's generally not for it, the exception being "when you're in that space of passionate screwing. If you're there, then hallelujah, go on with your bad self. But most of the time when I have sex, it's in a relationship that is intimate, special and beautiful."

That noted, a moment of silence follows, after which she begins speaking to the limo driver, a handsome, middle-aged African-American guy. "What's your name?" she asks him.


"Billy. I love to learn from people, and Billy's going to teach me something today. Tell me something profound later, Billy."

"You got it."

"Oh, tell it now, Billy," she says suddenly. "Give me a lesson in life. What do you live by, Billy?"

"What do I live by? I'm a spiritual guy."

"Are you really? So am I. In college I went from being a Catholic to being non-denominational to being a Christian, but now I just want to believe in a higher power. That's a good way to live."

"You try," Billy says. "But it's hard."

"Yes, it is hard," Eva says thoughtfully. "Oh, the demons pull you. Oh, yeah. Oh, God, yeah."

And then, briefly, she is quiet again.

Until partway through last year, she was married to former General Hospital star Tyler Christopher, and the divorce led to considerable pain, with lots of tears.

"It was the death of something, and you have to mourn it, or else it will remain unresolved," she says. She goes on, "He was an amazing man, but it just didn't work. I'm in a selfish part of my life right now, and in a marriage, you have to be selfless 100 percent of the time, even with stupid things, like going to the supermarket and wondering if he's going to want something. And unfortunately, because of my career, I don't have a lot to give right now. But even today, I don't mind falling in love. I just don't want to get married. I wouldn't mind having a baby. I just don't want to get married. I've come to realize that marriage is hard. That's why I just want to date now... and have a good time!"

The first tabloid-worthy guy she dated after her marriage fizzled was boy-bander Chasez. His nickname for her was Chacha. Her nickname for him was Lover. She likes to paint hearts, in colorful acrylics, on canvas, and once gave him one of those paintings. He once gave her a love poem he'd written. That was all to the good, of course; but they did have their differences: She's touchy-feely, he not so much. "Yeah, that's another one of my vices," she says, confessionally. "I need constant attention and affection. I'm a huge fan of PDA. One guy I was dating" -- that was Chasez, though she doesn't mention him by name -- "he was always like, 'Jesus Christ, you're suffocating me!' Because I was constantly kissing him. But I think it's great. I want to be making out at the dinner table and making the people around us uncomfortable. Ha, ha, ha."

But then she and Chasez fell apart, and Eva started hanging out with Spurs player Parker and 24 actor Klein, substitutes no doubt for two of her more famous crush interests -- George Clooney ("I met him once, and he must have said two words to me, but he made me feel like I was the only woman in the world") and Johnny Depp ("He plays by nobody's rule, and I love that"). How guys like Chasez learn that they've lost Eva is probably only in the most ugly and gut-wrenching of ways, because that's another thing about her: She's not good at breaking up, and she knows it. "And I'm not good at it because I never actually break up," she says. "I just become really, really mean and try to get you to break up with me. Or else I'm like, 'Why don't we break up? I mean, only if you think it's OK. If you don't, we'll stay together. OK, let's just stay together.' So, I've never actually broken up successfully. But the problem then is, I end up overlapping people, because I know in my head that I'm over that relationship, so I move on without really telling the other person. That's not good. That's a bad demon I have. I'm an overlapper."

And yet, even knowing this, who could resist her? She has so much going for her. She makes a mean tortilla soup. She's highly intelligent and a voracious reader, especially about Mexican history; her last book read was Occupied America: A History of Chicanos, by Rodolfo Acuna. She is willing to suffer for her man and is, in the modern way, completely clean and shaven down there. "It's a Brazilian wax -- everything's off," she says one day. "Oh, it's extremely painful, and the first time I had it done, I thought I was going to pass out. And the woman wants to conversate with you. I'm like, 'I'm good, I'm good!' It's quite an experience, let me tell you." Plus, she's aware of certain of her shortcomings and is entirely willing to work on self-betterment. "Like I told you, my favorite thing is missionary. Positionally, I'm pretty boring, so I've got to learn more -- I'm afraid to even say it -- is it tricks?" As well, let's say you've had a hard day in the salt mines and are too tired to perform -- she's entirely capable of taking care of herself. In fact, the best sex she had last year was, she says, "probably with my vibrator. I own two. I have the rabbit, which I give as a gift to other girls all the time, because the best gift to give is an orgasm. If I can't do it for you, I'll give you the tools to succeed. I have a rabbit and a pocket rocket."

OK, so maybe that's not too comforting a thought. And yet, for the less energetic, it's probably a blessing, if for no other reason than, orgasmically, she's been pretty late in coming but is now hellbent and on a roll. "I didn't have my first one until I was twenty-five or twenty-six. It was that recent. Before that it was like, 'I think I did.' But when I finally did have one, I was like, 'What's going on with my body? Ohhhh. Heyyyy. Oh, my God!!!!!' And I'm becoming more orgasmic with age. Which is awesome. I can't wait till I'm forty. If it keeps increasing this way -- watch out, world!"

Conversely, she has an unfortunate yen for Sally Field movies. "I love Sally Field movies!" she barks. "I love Soapdish! I've seen it, like, eighty times!!!!!" Also, the only time her bed gets made is when the housekeeper makes it, during her Thursday visits; otherwise it's a mess, as is the rest of her house. "Huh, that's interesting" -- she tends to say that a lot. Also, she sometimes uses the word "dude," as in, over a bowl of tortilla soup at the ultraswank restaurant in the Hotel Bel-Air, "This isn't very good tortilla soup, I have to tell you. Mine is, like, a hundred times better," she says. "Dude, we picked a dud!" Plus, historically, the kind of guys she has gone out with -- "I'm attracted to damaged boys who have a severe flaw in them. I find it attractive. I find it real" -- might be the kind of guy you are, whether you know it or not. She owns a jacket made special by the public appearance on it of the phrase fuck you, and owns a pair of shoes displaying the same sentiment: fuck you. She says things like, "I don't regret anything I do." Through a mouthful of sea bass, she'll say, "Do you mind that I'm eating with my mouth open?"

So that's pretty much how she stacks up. A risk-assessment expert might suggest running the other way, but Eva herself thinks she makes for a pretty great girlfriend. "I think I'm incredibly giving. I'm a caretaker, a farmer. I like to plant seeds and watch them grow. I'm a girly girl and love surprises and leaving notes. I send flowers." She pauses for a moment. "But one thing that's sad about me is, I'm impatient and have a hard time enjoying the moment. I've had times when I do for, like, a millisecond. But then I immediately get that panic inside of me saying, 'You need to do something!' Move on," she says. "Move on."

   20 April 2005 - Marcia so cross with Nicolette

Source : Sky Showbiz

It's bitching time once again on Wisteria Lane and this time it's a new Desperate Housewife getting in on the act.

Nicolette Sheridan, who plays Edie Britt in the hit show, has got her claws out for a double whammy of cattiness.

First off, Nicolette revealed she's no desperate actress and actually turned down the role of Brit Van De Kamp before signing on as vampy Edie.

She claimed the character was too "neurotic and uptight", leaving Marcia Cross - who was eventually cast in the role - seething.

Marcia has since reportedly avoided a party the blonde babe was attending.

And if that wasn't enough back-stabbing, Nicolette has also proclaimed herself and Teri Hatcher as "the best couple on the show".

The 41-year-old elaborated, "I think we have the best chemistry."

Nicolette's outburst comes as a tad surprising, as she had been the chief campaigner against reports that the girls weren' getting along on set.

"It's so silly," she said. "People can't be happy with good news."

Right, desperate husbands - it's your turn to get moaning!

   15 April 2005 - A soapy coming-out party

Source : USA Today

When Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry came out of the closet to his mother on his 31st birthday, Martha Cherry looked at her son and said, "I would love you even if you were a murderer."

On Sunday's new Housewives (9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC), Bree Van De Kamp (Marcia Cross) delivers those same double-edged words of support to her teenage son Andrew (Shawn Pyfrom), who came out to his parents in last week's show.

Cross, 43, and Pyfrom, 18, share a much closer bond than their combative characters. (He calls her "Mama Marcia"; she calls him "my boy.") The two sat down together in the Housewives production office to discuss the ramifications of Andrew's bombshell — the latest shocker to rock TV's most sexually surprising clan.

"My daughter's a slut, my husband's a pervert and my son's gay — perfect!" Cross recalls telling friends over dinner after being informed of this latest plot twist. (Earlier story lines revealed Bree's husband, Rex, to be a masochist and daughter Danielle to be contemplating the loss of her virginity.)

In real life, Pyfrom has been dating his girlfriend, aspiring actress Eliana Reyes, 17, for a year. Cross confirms she has been dating Tom Mahoney since January. He is not, as several media outlets have reported, a 57-year-old actor but a 47-year-old wealth manager. "I'm very happy," she says. (That should put to rest the gay rumors that swirled in February, which Cross denied on The View.)

Cross has gay people in her family, including her uncle and his partner, who are founding members of L.A.'s Gay Men's Chorus. She recalls "watching my parents accepting (homosexuality) into the family. Eventually, it just becomes OK."

But in the early '90s, Cross volunteered at Cedars Sinai hospital's AIDS clinic, where she encountered many real-life Brees, who believed their dying sons were going to hell. On Sunday's show, Bree, a Southern Baptist, will repeat two additional lines of religious condemnation first coined by Cherry's mother: "The word's not 'gay,' it's 'sodomy'!" And: "You won't be going to heaven!"

"If you take it from Bree's point of view, you can understand why she would fight to save him," explains Cross, who was raised Catholic and does not share Bree's views. "(She fears) she won't be with him in heaven. It's very complex. I know she loves him no matter what, but it will take some time to change her deep-instilled beliefs. Maybe this is all a lesson in tolerance."

Because he came out in his 30s, Cherry was able to hear his mother's harsh words with humor and empathy. But Andrew, whom Cherry describes as a "narcissistic sociopath," will go to "a far darker place" and use his sexuality to further torture Bree. Cherry cautions that Andrew should not be viewed as anyone's role model. Says the scribe: "What he'll do in the fall to get back at his mother is so unpleasant."

Pyfrom agrees, "This story shows (gay youths) what not to do."

Coincidentally, Cross also once played a gay villain, a murderous lesbian on a 1990 episode of Quantum Leap.

Might such negative representations prove more harmful to the acceptance of gays? The media watchdog GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) thinks not.

"It's a soap opera," says GLAAD executive director Joan Garry. "There's probably no better place to have a character like Andrew who's discovering himself. We hope he continues to be as complex and multi-layered as everyone else on Wisteria Lane."

And how would Cross react were she to one day become the mother of a gay son? "I wouldn't care at all," she says. "I'll be lucky to have a child. May they be whatever they want to be."

   13 April 2005 - BRAND NEW 'WIFE'

Source : New York Post

DESPERATE Housewives" is about to get a new neighbor.

Alfre Woodard is joining the cast of "Desperate Houswives" as one of the newest denizens of Wisteria Lane, the first black woman to be a regular cast member.

"It's great to be breaking the color barrier, but we're all such fans of her," says co-executive producer Kevin Murphy. "She's one of the best actresses of her generation and to have her on the show is an incredible honor."

"Desperate" sources say Woodard will play a deeply religious, overbearing single mother who moves to Wisteria Lane after her son gets involved in an bad situation with a girl in their old neighborhood.

"Like all the rest of our woman," says Murphy, "there's going to be much more to her than initially meets the eye."

Woodard has a personal story very much like the some of the other, older female stars on "Desperate."

After a pistol-hot early career that won her an Emmy for the hospital series "St. Elsewhere," she has been confined to TV movies and miniseries — as well as making limited-run appearances on shows like "Hill Street Blues" and "The Practice."

"We're lucky to be able to give her a permanent home," says Murphy.

   13 April 2005 - The 'Housewives' Unite on the Red Carpet!

Source : ETOnline

Gorgeous homemaker TERI HATCHER was honored for her InStyle cover girl abilities Tuesday night in Hollywood, and her "Desperate" co-stars NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN and EVA LONGORIA were there to support their TV neighbor, proving there's nothing but love among the lovely ladies!

Teri, who tells our KEVIN FRAZIER that she feels like the year was filled with rumor and gossip about she and her co-stars, says they're all just appreciative of the show's success. "We have a good time," she says. "We're all grateful to be there."

The gal pals were looking chummy as ever and were even comparing their glam shoes -- and Nicollette had nothing but compliments for Teri's eye-catching cover.

"Doesn't she have a million dollar smile?" Nicollette says.

Sexy house hunk JAMES DENTON was also on hand to support his on-screen love interest, saying he actually feels sorry for her. "Sometimes I feel bad for her because she doesn't know how hot she is!"

Teri reveals on her favorite part of the cover. "It looks like I'm forty," the raven-haired beauty says. "It doesn't look like I'm trying to be 25. I want to be a voice for women to say it's okay to be older."

"Malcolm in the Middle" actress JANE KACZMAREK was also there for the InStyle bash -- and Jane was excited to hear that Teri's Versace cover dress is being auctioned on her very own "Clothes Off Our Back" online charity auction, where stars donate their red carpet looks.

"We get a lot of clothes," Jane says. "I said I'm not going to be happy until everyone in Hollywood is naked!"

Comeback queen Teri dishes about dating, sex and aging for the May issue of InStyle magazine, on stands April 22.

Although the divorced "housewife" says she's content being single, she admits missing the companionship of dating but is afraid of getting hurt: "I'm scared, though, because the possibility of someone breaking my heart is a risk, and there's no room in my life now to have to lie in bed and pull the covers over my head with a big box of Oreos."

Teri, who just entered her forties, also addresses casual sex -- and says that it's not for her. She tells InStyle, "I feel like I'm too old to just have sex. I mean, I want to have sex, but with somebody who really loves and gets me."

Dating and intimacy dilemmas aside -- the single mom is happy with life and has a hard time believing that just a year ago she was struggling to pay her mortgage. "If you'd told me then where I'd be now, I would not at all have been able to see that. Not even in a dream scenario. Hollywood doesn't really give you a second chance to be somebody else."

Another lesson Teri has learned? With age comes barnacles! "I have this little cyst growing under my eye," she explains. "And I was asking my doctor the other day how I got it and how to get rid of it, and finally he just said, 'Teri, it's just a barnacle of age.' "

   12 April 2005 - Desperate housewives desperate to show they're friends

Source : BBC

Radio 1 revealed last week that there were claims that Marcia Cross, who plays Bree, and Teri Hatcher, who plays Susan, got into a catfight over their swimsuits and their positions in the cover photo.

It's obviously upset the cast, we heard from sexy plumber James Denton last week and now, Eva, who plays Gabrielle, wants to put the record straight:

"I hate that Marcia is taking the bullet for all of it. She's an amazing human being, she's a beautiful spirit on the set, off the set.

"Our relationship, all of the girls relationships are very solid. I'm really disappointed that somebody would choose to attack a show that is empowering for women."

"It's one magazine of the twenty covers we did this year."

"We'll get past it, it's no big deal to us."

   12 April 2005 - Eva denies rowing Housewives

Source : Sky Showbiz

Four prissy actresses? Diva-like behaviour? Jealousy? One storming out of a photo shoot? Surely not!!!

When the Desperate Housewives girls got together for a Vanity Fair photoshoot, all hell broke loose according to everyone but the actresses in question. Just ask Eva Longoria.

She has blasted Vanity Fair for exaggerating a supposed bust-up between Marcia Cross and Teri Hatcher on a shoot for the style mag.

Marcia - straight-laced Bree Van De Kamp in the hit show - reportedly stormed off the set because co-star Teri, single mum Susan Mayer, was getting too much attention.

It is also claimed she berated a PR at the shoot with a string of four-letter obscenities.

Show chiefs have played down the row, but Eva went one better and said it didn't happen.

Eva, who plays Gabrielle Solis, stormed: "I'm really disappointed in the article - I think it is severely inaccurate.

"The pictures are so beautiful and to pair that with what they said was very, very disappointing.

"Marcia Cross took a bullet for no reason. Teri, Nicolette Sheridan and Felicity Huffman know that she's a beautiful, wonderful, supportive human being."

Last week US gossip columnist Cindy Adams revealed a top ABC exec described the actresses as "the actresses from hell".

   11 April 2005 - 'Lost,' 'Housewives' Get Clip-Show Treatment

Source : Zap2It

In an effort to re-introduce viewers to its two most talked-about shows -- and to fill what normally would be a rerun slot for both -- ABC is assembling clip-show specials for "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost."

The primary goal of the specials seems to be enticing new viewers by reviewing the ever-deepening mysteries behind the two first-year hits. Press materials for both say they'll bring viewers "up to speed" or "up to date" on what's happened so far.

The network also says "Desperate Housewives: Sorting Out the Dirty Laundry" (Sunday, April 24) and "Lost: The Journey" (Wednesday, April 27), might offer up some fresh insight for fans of the show -- although there won't be much new material in either one. In "Lost's" case particularly, the special will also help fill a four-week gap between new episodes (the next original episode is scheduled for May 4).

The "Housewives" special will look at each central character's story to date and recap some of the central mysteries of the show, including why Mary Alice Young (Brenda Strong, who also narrates the special) killed herself and what Mike Delfino (James Denton) is really doing on Wisteria Lane. It will also offer a preview of the season finale, scheduled for May 22.

"Lost: The Journey" will focus on the back stories of the stranded plane-crash survivors, arranging their stories chronologically to give a glimpse into the events that led them onto the doomed flight. It will also explore the mysterious island that's now their home.

   7 April 2005 - A 'Desperate Housewives' Mom Spills Secrets!

Source : ETOnline

Forget photo shoots, TERI HATCHER -- well, her "Desperate Housewives" character at least -- will be facing a new problem as she runs into a bump on her road to romance when her meddling mother, played by LESLEY ANN WARREN, cramps her style when she comes to Wisteria Lane!

"I bring quite a storm with me," Lesley tells MARK STEINES about her character. "This character has all of it. She's volatile and girlish and kind of desperate for a man. She's a wonderful mother but she gets everything wrong."

Lesley arrives unannounced on the famous street on this Sunday's "Children Will Listen" episode (ABC, 9 p.m.) in the first of at least four episodes where she plays Sophie Bremmer, Susan's high maintenance mom seeking boyfriend advice from her equally relationship-challenged daughter.

"BOB NEWHART plays my boyfriend at the time and he's a pancake restaurateur and I think he's cheating with one of his waitresses and I'm distraught," Lesley explains, saying she's definitely on the rebound. "I proceed to keep trying with the ice cream man and the man at the bar -- with whomever," she says.

Lesley, who says her son helped her get the part when he "pitched" her to two of the show's executive producers -- who also happen to be working with him on a movie -- says the ladies of "Desperate Housewives" couldn't be more welcoming.

"They're so generous and so loving," she says. "When I walked in the makeup trailer and Teri was there, she was so sweet and so acknowledging. All the women were like that."

Lesley, who calls the show "brave" and "daring," says the ladies aren't taking the hit for granted. "They're thrilled to be there and thrilled with its success," she says. "And they're very embracing to anyone who enters their world."

   5 April 2005 - ABC Renews 'Lost,' 'Alias,' 'Housewives'

Source : Zap2It

As April began last year, ABC had fallen into a distance fourth place in most ratings measurements and had become the subject of jokes and mockery. Just 12 months later, ABC is second to only CBS in total viewers for the season and the network is a strong third place behind FOX and CBS in the key adults 18-49 demographic. In little surprise, then, that on Tuesday (April 5), ABC gave early pick-ups to four of the shows responsible for that turn-around.

ABC has ordered second seasons of "Desperate Housewives," "Lost" and "Boston Legal," while lining up a fifth season of "Alias."

"Desperate Housewives" and "Lost" were two of the most buzz-worthy pilots of the last development season and became out-of-the-box hits for ABC.

"Housewives," created by Marc Cherry, has become a genuine phenomenon, averaging 22.8 million viewers per week and partnering with "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" to turn Sunday from a liability into a strength for ABC. In addition delivering to boosting ABC's time period audience by an amazing 180 percent and stirring up countless stories in major press outlets, "Housewives" has become an awards magnet, picking up Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild trophies for outstanding comedy series.

A Golden Globe nominee for best drama, "Lost" has developed one of television's most intense fan bases in less than a season. The J.J. Abrams-produced series has averaged 15.9 million viewers per episode, anchoring ABC's Wednesday line-up.

After several seasons as a critical darling and cult favorite, "Alias" received a major boost when it was paired with "Lost" this winter. Although the drama has been battered by "American Idol" in recent weeks, its viewership of 11.2 million viewers is up by 2.8 million from last season.

Thanks to its "Desperate Housewives" lead-in, "Boston Legal" has averaged 12.5 million viewers. The "Practice" spin-off has been competitive in a tough time slot, though another of ABC's new dramas, "Grey's Anatomy," has performed far better in the same period, which could lead to a new time for "Legal" next season.

   5 April 2005 - Everything's Coming Up Eva

Source : ExtraTV

It’s an Eva Longoria "Extra" exclusive, straight from an event near and dear to the actress’s heart. Longoria was recently named spokesperson of Padres Contra el Cancer, or Parents Against Cancer, and the "Desperate Housewife" was thrilled to speak at the event.

"Walking out of here tonight, a young man I visited at the hospital told me he was cancer free," Longoria related to us. "And that is the greatest reward."

Only "Extra" was with Eva backstage for her big night, where we were able to dish about everything from dating to dieting, and even the much-talked-about Vanity Fair cover shoot that had Eva frustrated because -- believe it or not -- she thought she looked fat.

"We were hungry but we had to shoot and we hadn't eaten all day," she told us. "I had to suck my stomach in for five hours. That's why they put me in black. I need to work out!"

And from desperately frustrating shoots to the desperately entertaining "Housewives," Eva gave us the scoop on what she knows, or doesn’t know, about her character’s future on the ABC hit. "The birth-control mix up hasn't been played out yet," she said. "But we are so in the dark; now in the scripts it says, ‘mystery scene,’ and then it has some scenes, then ‘mystery scene.’"

But Eva will be getting a nice diversion come May when she begins shooting a movie with Michael Douglas called "The Sentinel." "I’m a secret service agent," Eva revealed. "And I’m in no lingerie, no bras and panties and no kissing scenes."

Meanwhile, Longoria cleared up one more rumor about her dating life. "I am not dating the world," she insisted.

Got it Eva, we just won’t mention that to JC Chasez, San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker or Butch Klein from "24."

   5 April 2005 - Trouble and strifes

Source : MegaStar

All the omigoshing mutual love that we've been hearing from the Desperate Housewives camp has been unveiled as a load of old LA tosh.

The backstage goss from a Vanity Fair swimsuit photoshoot with the five ladies reveals they all hate each other's guts.

It was a wonder no-one ended up being pushed in that pool the saucy minxes are posing next to.

It seems everything turned fishwives-y when Teri Hatcher bagged the best swimsuit, sending Eva Longoria into a text strop with their publicist.

Then Marcia Cross let the f-words fly at the the poor put-upon publicist when Teri was placed in the centre of the shot, and Marcia was asked to - finger on the lost-the-plot panic button here - sit ON A CHAIR.


Thankfully tears and tantrums aside, the shoot got done.

And the ladies tripped happily off to strange their publicist.

Ah! Sisterhood, eh?

   4 April 2005 - A 'Desperate' Photo Shoot Gone Bad

Source : Access Hollywood

The new issue of Vanity Fair hits newsstands on April 12 with the lovely ladies of Wisteria Lane gracing the cover in their swimsuits.

But after reading the article, some would say "Swimming with Sharks" might be a better title than "Desperate Housewives."

Although Marcia Cross sure had a different take on things.

"It was fun, oh my God!" Cross told Access. "It was just like fantasy day, you know."

A "fantasy" photo shoot? Not according to Vanity Fair contributing editor Ned Zeman.

"Each hour was just getting worse and worse and worse as the clock was ticking," Zeman revealed. "I don't think that there is any denying that it was a disaster."

Eva, Felicity, Marcia, Nicolette and Teri – a cover shoot that apparently went from bad to much, much worse.

Of course, a tight shoot schedule didn't help matters – as they tried to cram what would normally take two days into just 25 minutes.

"I never thought we'd wind up in bathing suits, but there you go," Marcia Cross joked with us.

Early on, despite the circus-like atmosphere where each lady had her own hair, makeup and wardrobe team, plus a personal handler, everything appeared to be just fine.

But while the "Wives" were choosing which vintage bathing suits to wear, an ABC employee (who Vanity Fair refers to as the "enabler) arrived saying, "I'm getting text messages from Eva. Everything is not fine."

Odd because, days later, Marcia told us there had been no bickering.

"No [there wasn't] because we all look good in different things," Cross said.

But as the photo shoot turned into a real-life soap opera, the end result may be that the women of Wisteria will probably never pose together again.

So what exactly happened?

"I would say Felicity Huffman and Nicolette Sheridan both were extremely consistently professional," Vanity Fair's Zeman noted. "Nobody really crossed the line except for Marcia Cross who really crossed the line and was humiliating people and generally making it difficult for everyone."

But the real drama began when, according to the magazine, the "enabler" whipped out a lost of "mandatory stipulations" singling out one lady in particular – 40-year-old co-star Teri Hatcher.

Stipulation #1: "Whatever you do, don't let Teri go to wardrobe first."

None of the other women wanted her to get to wardrobe first," Zeman continued. "I think they felt that Teri always shows up earlier and gets the best clothes so there was some anxiety praying that she'd not get there first which of course she did."

Stipulation #2: "Teri cannot be in the middle of a single group shot."

Apparently, in group shots, Teri was not to be in the middle of any of them. But there she was standing smack dab in the middle of Nicolette and Marcia.

And this is where nerves reportedly started to fray.

According to Zeman, when Cross saw that Hatcher was not only beside her in an eye-popping red suit, but right in the middle, the 43-year-old Cross exploded and walked off the set.

"Eventually Marcia Cross refused to stand next to her and started screaming to her publicist in this kind of profanity-laced tirade saying, 'Get over here and do your 'bleeping' job or you're going to be in 'bleeping' trouble,'" the Vanity Fair editor revealed.

After publicists exchanged heated words off-set, Marcia was moved to the other side of Teri, while Teri was asked to sit in a chair.

"I have never experienced anything like this in my entire life. I've never seen publicists essentially try to grab the camera away from a photographer. [But] I've never seen them use profanity and threaten people and I've never seen people cry and storm off like that," Zeman said.

By this point, Teri was looking very upset while Marcia started to joke around. But finally, the girls were in cover-shot position.

However, during a break Zeman claims that Hatcher burst into tears.

"I think Teri was upset for a number of reasons," he explained. "She is, out of all the women oddly, the most sensitive and maybe the most high-strung she cries easily and I think it was a big surprise to her that not only had a rule been laid down that she wasn't going to be in the center, but that one of her co-stars was that upset about it. I think it was a little humiliating to her."

Once the group shot was over, four of the five ladies began chatting. Teri, however, walked off by herself.

   4 April 2005 - Revenge of the Mommy

Source : Entertainment Weekly

Ouch! Medical care in the Wisteria Lane vicinity is not up to snuff, methinks. First, Rex's pharmacist may be slipping him the wrong medication for his on-again, off-again cardiac condition. Now the staff of Sacred Heart Hospital (a.k.a. the Coma Ward Where Nobody Works) allows Mama Solis to take a little post-five-month-slumber tumble down the fire stairs, through which she enters the eternal slumber. Wouldn't there be a blip on some monitor? Is there only one medical employee at Sacred Heart? Someone sponsor a fund-raiser for these people — stat!

So happy days are here again for Gabrielle, right? (''She treated me like trash. . . . God rest her soul,'' Gabi says with a wicked smile.) Well, we'll see if smoking-on-the-sly Nurse Weepypants keeps her trap shut about Mama's incriminating last words. I'll bet you a carton of Luckys she doesn't — especially now that all that hospital hush money is on the table.

Mama's funeral was a not-so-understated, not-so-quiet affair, complete with a walking processional of Housewives in mode de mourning (sweet lid, Bree), a horse-drawn carriage, and a garish mausoleum that Carlos bought for his ''queen'' — and what a deal it was! His Freudian purchase sends Gabi over the edge. How will she get that ''cute apartment'' she wants now? Oh, Gabi, how we love your external monologue of narcissism! Saying ''Go to hell, Carlos'' and dashing across various graves (in this week's Inappropriate Stiletto-Wearing Moment — get girlfriend some flats!) is not part of any tradition of grief that I know of either, Bree.

Ms. Van de Kamp If You're Nasty takes a page out of the funeral-etiquette playbook and steps in to keep the affair from becoming as disastrously embarrassing as, say, her own last dinner party. ''All right, people — we're going to follow the body, this way please. . . . '' says Bree to the assembled, distracting them from the Solis nastiness, hereby earning the title of Docent of the Month of the Museum of Obsequious Expressions of Grief. (Crown and sash forthcoming.)

Back at home, Bree is just as in control, calmly explaining to her husband their need to incarcerate their rebellious, confused son — electrified fence and all. (Did anyone notice how quickly she produced those brochures for youth detention centers? As if she had previously set aside a drawer for youth-detention-center brochures in the kitchen, right next to the ladles and the bamboo skewers?) When Andrew raises a hand to his mom, Dad comes around to the idea of a little time-out for Junior. Yeah, put him through a wall, Rexy — that kid needs a smackdown. Enter two burly thugs, who give Andrew a wake-up call of a different sort and haul his ass off to Camp Reprogramming, where, as next week's previews indicate, future awakenings are in store.

What's up with the repairmen of Wisteria Lane? Not a beer gut or receding hairline among them. In a plot-rebuilding week, Susan (thankfully, pratfall-free), gets a letter from Mike, which she doesn't open, so busy is she sinking her claws into Bill, the new blue-collar fantasy man in the 'hood. She preens her whiskers for yet another Susan-Edie catfight (meow . . . yawn), but really, who cares?

In a similarly inconsequential plot line, Lynette and Melrose Matt befriend a deaf lady (guest star Marlee Matlin) and her politically incorrect husband (Mr. ''It's Not Like She Can Hear You''). After an uncomfortable dinner and a tennis grudge match, Marlee has lost her man, thanks to Lynette's meddling. I'd tell you more, but my ears went numb about six minutes in.

What do you think? What does Mike's Dear Susan letter say? Will Carlos really go to jail? Do you find Mary Alice's narration enlightening or annoying? And are we ever going to learn what happened to Dana?

   4 April 2005 - A 'Desperate Housewives' Makeover!

Source : ETonline

How many people does it take to make the "Desperate Housewives" hot? No, it's not a riddle -- it's a Vanity Fair photo shoot! Although the lovely ladies always look stunning, it took more than 100 personnel to get the May issue cover just right!

With the help of five hairdressers, three makeup artists, a groomer, a seamstress, prop people and the seemingly infinite amount of assistants, the ladies pose poolside looking sexy in their circa 1950s pin-up wardrobe for the issue hitting newsstands April 12. The gorgeous gals talk about the possible recoil of their success while getting primped and pretty.

"I do worry about backlash a little," FELICITY HUFFMAN tells the magazine. "We like to build something up and then tear it down. Particularly women. Particularly actresses."

Radiant redhead MARCIA CROSS agrees. "I'm surprised it hasn't started," she says of a backlash. "I don't even think of it so much as a backlash. As in everything in life, there's a cycle, and this will have its cycle -- like all other things that come and go, that are in and out, that are not gold."

But EVA LONGORIA says she's in a very different position than the rest of the women. "I've never had a successful show," she says. "So for me, everything is new and it's nice to be the new kid on the block -- with such seasoned women taking me under their wings. All of them have told me how I should handle things. And it comes in a very big-sister way."

For the sunny California shoot, the lovely ladies gathered at the former Toluca Lake estate of BING CROSBY where they spent a tight seven hours getting through all the shots (according to the mag, cover shoots usually take up to two days). Between wardrobe, stylists and lattes, there was only a mere 60 minutes to get the group shot in the can!

For their individual shots, TERI HATCHER dressed up as a French maid with dinner in hand, while her "Desperate" love interest JAMES DENTON works on the pipes; Marcia is doing yard work in a pretty purple getup while her on-screen husband STEVEN CULP looks on nervously; Felicity lounges by the pool while she gets her nails done and fictional hubby DOUG SAVANT serves her; NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN recreates her now famous car washing scene; and Eva gets affectionate with overbearing TV husband RICARDO CHAVIRA while boy toy JESSE METCALFE hides under the bed.

Sound like a soap opera? Many of the ladies hope not and wish the label would be forgotten. "I'm not really sure what the term means," Teri says. "What's the definition? They're stories about relationships, people..."

But Teri says if being mislabeled is the show's biggest problem, then she's really got nothing to worry about. "I think on a scale of things to be bothered by, that's probably not high on my list."

   1st April 2005 - Eva's Love for Stripping? 'Idol's' Rap Sheet?

Source : ExtraTV

The gossip is flying in the world of entertainment, and once again, "Extra" is here to set the record straight about your favorite stars.

Eva Longoria may lose her house on Sunday night's "Desperate Housewives," but it's what's inside her real life house that's stirring up some hot rumors. Is the "Housewife" hottie hiding a stripper pole in her bedroom?

No -- "Extra" was the only show backstage with Longoria Thursday night as she was honored by Padres Contra el Cancer, a group working to fight cancer. And Eva set the record straight: she will be emceeing a Pussy Cats Doll show, but Longoria told us, "The way some magazines have written it, it's like I have a newfound love for stripping and I installed a stripper pole in my new house. No, I haven't."

Now that Eva's cleared up the stripper pole rumors, let's answer another "Desperate Rumor:" does Britney Spears want to join the wicked women of Wisteria Lane?

Yes -- according to In Touch magazine, the pop princess is desperate to pop up on ABC's hit. But it may not be the show's prerogative -- James Denton, a.k.a. Mike the plumber, told the magazine, "I can promise you that will never happen."

It's actor Tom Sizemore's first big interview since being sentenced to 17 months in jail, but did he storm out on "Dateline?"

Yes -- on the tape, Sizemore is seen to say, "I'm not acting. I said f*** the press, f*** the press. I'm done," before storming off.

Sizemore later came back to finish the interview, which airs Friday night on "Dateline," and in which he wonders why people believed he beat his former girlfriend, Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss. "I don't know why people would believe it," he insists. "I'm an actor. I pretend. I wear makeup for a living. I'm a sissy."

And finally, does "American Idol" hopeful Scott Savol have a record? One he doesn't want released?

Yes -- it turns out Savol pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct four years ago after being arrested for assaulting the mother of his child. "Idol's" producers said, "The situation did not warrant his disqualification."

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