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   Goofs - Part 1

Gabrielle is mowing the lawn with an lawn Aeration machine...?

Why didn't Mrs. Huber give the address to where she and Mary Alice Young lived to 911 operator on the phone when requesting for police? They need to know where they live.

Where does the Scavo baby go when Lynette and Tom run into their room to have sex?

When the 4 women are reading the letter at the end; one of them says "Look at the post mark." Another says "Oh my God she got it the day she died." A post mark is stamped the day it goes to the post office to be sorted not the day of delivery the is minimum 1 day between the postmark and delivery.

Response to Goof: The goof above is wrong, 911 have an automatic computer database that tells them where you are calling from.

The goof IS correct: Mrs. Huber called from her own house, not Mary Alice's. The paramedics wouldn't know which house Mary Alice's body was in just from that "automatic computer database" stuff if Mrs. Huber wasn't calling from that house. actually the goof really isn't wrong at all. the computer would point them to Mrs Huber's house where they would look for the neighbor she just told them had been shot. since we know that she lives right next door they wouldn't have far to go to find the victim. thus making the need for her to give them an exact address (which was the goof in question) not really a goof at all.

Regarding the postmark goof above: The exchange is "Look at the post mark." "...She must have gotten it the day she died." Nowhere do they say that it was postmarked the exact date she died, but rather that she must have gotten it that day, so it could very well have been marked for the day before, meaning she DID in fact get it the day she died.

How could that little boy Preston knock over that heavy middle-aged woman so easily on on her side when she was attacking Lynette?

Why does Lynette have her infant daughter strapped to the front seat of the car next to her driving? Isn't it made by law that children under age 12 should be in the backseat of cars at all time?

Response to "Why does Lynette have her infant daughter strapped to the front seat of the car next to her driving? Isn't it made by law that children under age 12 should be in the backseat of cars at all time?" The infant can ride in front if there is no passenger air bag... in any case millions of parents put there kids in the front seat nationwide.

When Mrs. Huber comes over to Susan and Julie's house to ask for donation clothing for Edie, Julie tells her that Susan is at the Van De Kamp's house, but in the next scene she had just come home from shopping with Gabrielle Solis.

When John was clipping hedges without any pants, how come neither he, nor Gabrielle considered the fact that anyone else would see him?

Carton of eggs and juice that Susan places near the register are totally weightless. They are props, but should at least have some weight on it. It looks weird and obviously empty.

In the episode "Who's that Woman?" When John gets out of the bath with Gabrielle you can see for a split second his reflection in the mirror and he has on boxer shorts!

Actually, the actor is wearing bathing trunks as you can see for a split second as he is leaving the sudsy tub.

In the scene where Lynette and Gabrielle are talking to Paul on the driveway, the chocolate boxes under Gabrielle's arm flip back and forth between shots, showing the label sides and backsides in turns.

Lynette tells Tom that they're competing with another family over one slot at the school; but they have two kids, so they would need two slots.

Nitpick: It's been two episodes in a row so far that the third of Lynette's boys has not been in sight, Parker (Zane Huette). Where was he when Lynette was waking up the boys in the bedroom? Or when Lynette was tiring the twins out?

Tom & Lynette have 4 children. Parker, the twins (Porter & Preston) AND an infant girl. Parker & the baby were missing this entire episode.

Response to nitpick: Many private schools automatically allow sibling enrollments for acceptance of one child and/or have "family enrollment". In essence, Lynette's children are competing *as a family* to get in. Schools will make room for siblings and/or adjust enrollment to accomodate them.

When Bree's daughter Danielle jumps into the new convertible she only has one shoe on, the other one she has no shoe.

How does Bree's son Andrew get into the kitchen at the end of the episode? He doesn't have the new house key!

Andrew runs down MaMa, and is seen from Gabrielles' house moving from left to right - headed down the street to "his house" - when he should have been driving by right to left. All other episodes show that the Van De Kamps' live across the street and to the left of Gabrielle.

In this episode the girls are cleaning up the accident that happened on the street last night (i.e. last episode Anything You Can Do) with Juanita Solis getting run over by a car. Don't the police and investigators handle that as that could be key evidence?

Response: I would think that they would have already taken every piece of evidence from the scene. If there wasn't any police tape there, they were probably done with the investigation. They could probably tell the speed, make and model of the car by the tire tracks, not the blood splatter.

Re: Blood--- Police don't clean up blood. It's kind of sick if you think about it but I know for a fact that if a murder occurs in your house its your responsibility to have it cleaned.

Why did Edie say to the girls that she was surprised Mrs. Huber wasn't there participating in the fashion show? Didn't the last time Edie saw Mrs. Huber (last episode) that she was going to go away for a while to see her sister?

When Bree gets out of the golf cart to see Rex on the field, she is carrying the pot of urine in her left hand. In the next shot, of her upper torso and face, her left hand is shown cluthing the strap of her handbag with the urine in her right hand.

In one of the shots when Bree and Rex are talking from behind Bree, you hear Bree talking even though you don't see any movement in the side of her face.

In the scene where Bree and Lynette are talking about nannies, Lynette is in the backseat strapping her daughter into the carseat. In the shot facing Bree, Lynette takes a baby toy laying on top of the backseat and hands it to her daughter. In the next shot facing Lynette, the baby toy is back on top of the seat where AGAIN Lynette hands the toy to her baby.

Mrs. Huber died in this episode, before Gabrielle decided to hold the fashion show. So why would she have been on the list and agreed to have worn the dress?!

When Rex goes to see Maisy for some "release", Maisy tucks the handcuffs into the right side of her bra. When she goes to sit down, the cuffs are in the left side of her bra, then after she has sat down the cuffs have moved yet again. A bad miss by the editing team.
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