Order : "DVDs Season 1"

   2x10 - Coming Home

US : 4 December 2005

Cast : Brent Kinsman (Preston Scavo), Zane Huett (Parker Scavo), Shawn Pyfrom (Andrew Van De Kamp), Pat Crawford Brown (Ida Greenberg), Shane Kinsman (Porter Scavo) , Penelope Ann Miller (Fran Ferrara), Scott Allan Campbell (Det. Sloan), Tanner Maguire (Young Zach), Virginia Watson (Nurse), Ryan Carnes (Justin), Joyce Van Patten (Carol Prudy), Kurt Fuller (Det. Barton), Michael Ironside (Curt Monroe), Melinda Page Hamilton (Sister Mary Bernard), Paul Dooley (Addison Prudy), Betty Murphy (Alberta Fromme), Carol Mansell (Pat Ziegler), Jeff Doucette (Father Crowley), Currie Graham (Ed Ferrara)

Writing : Chris Black

Direction : Arlene Sanford

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Lynette is thrilled when she realizes that her company will provide for daycare. She just needs to convince her boss Ed to include his baby, Mindy, to meet the quota. The trouble is, his wife, Fran, is so devoted that she'd never allow it. Lynette meets with her to try to convince her she could use a break, but she insists that she cherishes every minute with her child.

So she goes to work on Ed and soon she has him convinced that he needs more time with his daughter. After Ed practically kidnaps the baby to get her away from his wife, it's Lynette who tells her it's OK to get help and Fran finally agrees to the daycare.

Addison Prudy reluctantly shows up for his "father-daughter" bonding with Susan but remains unenthusiastic about getting to know her, although he's not above calling her when he needs to be bailed out of jail. Unbeknownst to them both, his wife has been following him and assumes they're having an affair, since he still hasn't told her Susan is his daughter. She wakes to find the word "Whore" painted in huge red letters on her garage door and when Mrs. Prudy tracks her down at the supermarket and starts throwing the contents of her cart at her, Susan has no choice but to blurt out the truth. Mrs. Prudy calms down and simply tells her that her father is going to break her heart. He shows up to admit he's not proud of the way he's lived his life, but that he is proud of Susan and does want to get to know her -- after he's patched up his marriage.

Sister Mary is still a fixture in Carlos's post-prison life and Gabrielle is at a loss as to how to get rid of her. When the priest tells her the nun was unable to take her annual trip to Botswana due to lack of funds, Gabrielle gladly donates the money. Except that now Sister Mary's convinced Carlos to go with her. There's nothing Gabrielle can do about it -- until she realizes at the doctor's office that the inoculations Carlos is about to get prior to his trip contain egg , which he's terribly allergic to. So she "forgets" to tell the doctor about his allergy and the resulting reaction keeps him out of commission. She apologizes to the fever-wracked Carlos, but her newfound sympathy evaporates when, in his delirium, he keeps saying Sister Mary's name!

Betty and Josh sneak Caleb out of the psychiatric hospital where he's been treated as a John Doe since his arrest. But they're spotted by a mysterious goateed man named Monroe, who has tracked Caleb down to the hospital himself.

Zach is back and Paul lies that he doesn't know who his real father is. He warns Mike to stay away from them both or he'll tell the police that Mike kidnapped him. Mike counter-threatens, saying that if they move away, he'll be the one to go to the police with what he knows about Paul.

Bree feigns surprise when the police tell her about George's suicide. She then tells her friends and then she has to break the news to Andrew, who's back from camp. He informs her he hates her and that it's her fault Rex is dead. He tells his boyfriend, Justin, that when Bree told him he was going to hell for being gay, he knew she'd stop loving him one day, so he just stopped loving her first. And he's just waiting to get something on her so he can get back at her.

Andrew says he can't get over Rex's death because his murderer died at his own hand, and Bree asks if he'd feel better if George had been executed. He says, "Of course," so she tells him how she just let George die. Andrew smiles and says, "Thank you for telling me."

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Sunday's ratings followed their typical pattern, with ABC's "Desperate Housewives"-led lineup overcoming CBS, which couldn't hold on to a big NFL audience as the night wore on.

ABC averaged an 11.1 rating/17 share in primetime to finish comfortably ahead of CBS, 8.5/13 (because of live NFL coverage, those numbers may change some in final nationals). NBC, 6.6/10, came in third, and FOX was fourth at 4.3/6. The WB trailed with a 1.5/2.

Among adults 18-49, ABC's 7.4 rating more than doubled that of CBS, 3.5. FOX was a close third at 3.3, beating out NBC, 2.7, and The WB, 0.8.

The tail end of CBS' late-afternoon NFL games, 13.2/21, and "60 Minutes," 11.1/17, gave the network a commanding lead at 7 p.m. ABC was second with "America's Funniest Home Videos," 6.0/9, while "Dateline" averaged 5.6/9 for NBC. A "Simpsons" repeat and "King of the Hill" put FOX in fourth, ahead of The WB's hour of "Reba" reruns.

CBS stayed on top at 8 p.m. with the second half of "60 Minutes," 11.8/18, and a "Cold Case" rerun, 8.9/13. "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" was a strong second at 9.7/14 and actually led the hour in total viewers. "The Simpsons," 5.5/8, and "The War at Home," 4.3/7, moved FOX into third, edging past "The West Wing," 4.8/7, on NBC. The WB re-aired its movie "Felicity: An American Girl Adventure."

"Desperate Housewives" took over at 9 p.m., scoring a 15.7/22 for ABC. NBC jumped up to second with "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," 7.8/11. "Cold Case," 8.0/11, and the movie "Pope John Paul II," 5.4/8, combined to put CBS in third. Reruns of "Family Guy" and "American Dad" came in fourth for FOX. The WB's movie finished with a 1.4/2.

At 10 p.m., "Grey's Anatomy" delivered a 13.1/21 for ABC. "Crossing Jordan," 8.2/13, was second for NBC, while CBS' movie averaged 5.1/8 for the hour.

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