Order : "DVDs Season 1"

   2x11 - One More Kiss

US : 8 January 2006

Cast : Zane Huett (Parker Scavo), Shawn Pyfrom (Andrew Van De Kamp), Shane Kinsman (Porter Scavo), Doug Savant (Tom Scavo), Joy Lauren (Danielle Van De Kamp), Brent Kinsman (Preston Scavo) , Nashawn Kearse (Caleb), Alejandro Patino (Ralph), Pat Crawford Brown (Ida Greenberg), Betty Murphy (Alberta Fromme), Ryan Carnes (Justin), Michael Ironside (Curt Monroe)

Writing : John Pardee, Joey Murphy

Direction : Wendey Stanzler

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At a dinner party, Gabrielle kisses Tom when he says girls like her would never give him the time of day back in high school. Everyone laughs, except Lynette, who is most definitely not amused.

Bree lets slip the details of Gabby's affair, so Lynette is even more alarmed when she finds Gabby home alone with Tom because she stopped to help him get the groceries into the house. She asks Gabby pointblank if she's hitting on Tom and when Gabby asks what she's done to deserve this mistrust, Lynette says, "It's a small town. People talk." Tom gets an ego boost from the whole thing and insists that Bree's been checking him out when he goes to get his morning paper and Lynette lovingly laughs it off.

She goes over to Gabby's to apologize for overreacting, but when Gabby can't admit that she was wrong too, Lynette kisses Carlos to see how she likes it. "OK, I get your point," Gabrielle admits as she pulls them apart.

Since his wife had already urged Carlos to have his own affair to help him get over hers, he swings by Lynette's to ask if she'd be interested. She politely declines, even when he tells her that was one hell of a kiss.

Bree is shocked when she sees Andrew kissing his boyfriend, Justin, goodnight in front of the house. She tells him to stop seeing him, but Andrew shrugs it off -- and asks if she wants to finish off that bottle of wine she was drinking. The next morning, she brings him breakfast in bed, and nearly drops the tray when she finds Justin in bed with her son. She threatens to call the police unless Justin leaves and never comes back, and Andrew plays his trump card. If she does, then he'll tell them how she let George die.

Bree marches across the street and hires Carl to get his legal advice on the situation. He informs Andrew that he has no legal recourse so Andrew says he'll simply tell Bree's friends about what she did. Carl waits until Bree is out of the room and then he slams Andrew up against a wall and tells him to respect his mother or he'll deal with him himself.

Edie confronts a strange man who has been parked on the block for two hours -- Monroe, who's scoping out the Applewhite house. She thinks he's working for a competitive real estate firm and she tells him to leave.

Monroe breaks into the Applewhite's house later that night and finds Caleb in the basement. But the old stairs give way and he falls to his death. When Betty and Matthew get home, they realize they have to dispose of the body, but only get as far as stuffing him in the trunk of his car -- and then Betty closes the trunk with the keys inside.

Susan is surprised when she sees Zach and rushes to tell Mike, who tells her he already knows he's back, but has been told to stay away from him by Paul. Meanwhile, Paul tells Zach he's homeschooling him because certain people don't want them back. "Like Mike Delfino?" Zach asks, saying Felicia told him that Mike wanted to kill Paul and also about Mrs. Huber's murder. Paul denies both charges, asking Zach if he really thinks he's capable of murder. Zach doesn't seem too sure when he says, "No."

Zach apologizes to Susan and Julie, and they decide he's changed for the better, so they come up with a plan where he and Mike can spend some time together, at the bowling alley. When Paul finds the bowling scorecard, he rushes to confront Mike about it. Seeing the two men brawling on the sidewalk, Susan, is distracted and swerves her car -- right into the car with the dead man in the trunk. Everyone gathers around as the hood pops open and they see the body.

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An NFL playoff game that spilled into primetime drew big enough ratings for CBS to topple ABC from the top spot in Sunday's ratings.

CBS averaged a 10.9 rating/17 share in primetime (with those numbers likely to change a little because of the live game) to beat out ABC's 10.2/16. NBC finished third with a 6.3/10, followed by FOX at 4.6/7. The WB trailed with a 1.7/3.

ABC did manage to keep hold of No. 1 ranking among adults 18-49, scoring a 6.9 rating in the sweet-spot demographic for advertisers. CBS, 5.2, came in second, with FOX, 3.7, grabbing third. NBC averaged 2.6 and The WB a scant 0.9.

The end of the AFC first-round game between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, coupled with "60 Minutes," delivered a 16.0/25 for CBS at 7 p.m. "America's Funniest Home Videos," 6.0/9, put ABC in second, slightly ahead of NBC's "Dateline," 5.8/9. Two "Simpsons" repeats were fourth for FOX, beating an hour of "Reba" on The WB.

CBS stayed on top at 8 p.m. with "60 Minutes" and "Cold Case" averaging 11.7/17. ABC improved to 9.7/14 with "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." A new episode of "The Simpsons," 5.9/9, and "The War at Home," 4.6/7, moved FOX past "The West Wing" on NBC and into third. "Charmed" posted a 2.3/3 for The WB.

ABC took over at 9 p.m. with "Desperate Housewives," 14.6/22. The end of "Cold Case" and the start of a "CSI: NY" rerun on CBS dipped to 8.8/13. "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" moved NBC back into third with a 6.8/10. "Family Guy," 5.1/7, and "American Dad," 4.5/7, were fourth for FOX. The WB aired a "Supernatural" rerun.

At 10 p.m., a "Grey's Anatomy" clip show scored a 10.6/17 for ABC. "Crossing Jordan" averaged 7.6/12 for NBC, and CBS came in at 7.2/12 with "CSI: NY" and the start of a "CSI: Miami" repeat.

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