Order : "DVDs Season 1"

   2x14 - Silly People

US : 12 February 2006

Cast : Shane Kinsman (Porter Scavo), Nashawn Kearse (Caleb Applewhite), Harriet Sansom Harris (Felicia Tilman), Bob Gunton (Noah Taylor), Currie Graham (Ed Ferrara), Zane Huett (Parker Scavo), Joy Lauren (Danielle Van De Kamp), Shawn Pyfrom (Andrew Van De Kamp), Brent Kinsman (Preston Scavo) , Dagney Kerr (Nurse), Tim Monsion (Dr. Cunningham), Jill Brennan (Trish Atherton), James Cantafio (FBI Agent), Jane Lynch (Maxine Bennett), Adre Ware (FBI Agent), Joe Ochman (Justive of the Peace), Elizabeth Sung (Translator), Carlos Jacott (Gary), Michael McDonald (Steven), Nick Chinlund (Detective Sullivan), Gwendoline Yeo (Xiao-Mei), Mehcad Brooks (Matthew Applewhite), Carol Mansell (Pat), Jay Harrington (Dr. Ron McCready), Jeff Doucette (Father Crowley)

Writing : Tom Spezialy

Direction : Robert Duncan McNeill

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Bree suspicions of her neighbor Maxine Water's too-perfect luncheons are confirmed when the FBI raid the house in the middle of dessert -- all Maxine's cooking was done by the Chinese girl she was keeping as a slave!

Carlos offers to let the girl, Xiao Mei, stay with him and Gabrielle. Gabby objects, until she tastes her exquisite cooking and sees how perfectly she can sew. Now she refuses to give her up. Carlos complains that she's just treating her like a maid, but when it comes time to leave, Xiao Mei refuses, saying she now thinks of them as family.

Tom asks Lynette to intervene for him after their boss Ed vetoes all of his ad pitches, but Lynette says he has to find a way to click with Ed on his own. When Ed finds out that Tom was in a fraternity, Tom thinks he has his in. But then Ed starts a series of ever more humiliating dares, like daring Tom to eat a donut out of the toilet. Lynette begs him not to, but he tells her he has no choice if he's going to make it at the company.

He's then stuck with Ed calling him "Toilet Boy." Lynette asks Ed to stop but he tells her it's his company and he's just having fun. So she challenges him: give her a dare and if she pulls it off, then he has to stop all the games. He offers up a plate of their client's raw bacon; she has to eat a pound of it to win the bet. As she gamely eats it, slice by slice, with all of their coworkers looking on, the mood in the office changes and Ed realizes that it's not fun anymore. Lynette has won.

Susan has a wandering spleen and no insurance since her former agent let her policy lapse. So Edie suggests she marry someone for their insurance. She even finds her a fake husband, Gary, a gay man who wants to get married to make his mother happy. When Susan shows up for the wedding, Gary's partner, Steven, isn't at all happy about the arranged marriage and leaves. Gary decides he can't go through with it after all and walks out too. Susan tells Karl what happened and he offers to marry her, again, to make up for walking out on their first marriage. She says, "What the hell?" As long as Edie never knows.

Felicia, who is acting as nurse to the dying Noah Taylor, hands him an anonymous note that reads "You have a grandchild." He summons Mike, who tells him the truth about Zach, but that it won't be easy to bring him over for a visit. Noah gives him two days to make it happen.

Susan and Edie demand to know why Bree has suddenly flip-flopped on Betty Applewhite: is it because Danielle and Matthew are dating? Bree tells them she knows what she's doing and they have to trust her and back off. She just happens to have a key to the Applewhites' house from the previous tenant, so she pays Caleb a little visit, and learns about Melanie Foster. When Betty shows up, furious over her visit, Bree invites her in for a drink. And, oddly enough, the two end up commiserating over their wayward sons.

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"Grey's Anatomy" out-rated its lead-in, "Desperate Housewives," for the first time on Sunday, but NBC's Olympics coverage was able to slide past ABC for an overall ratings win.

NBC scored a 13.2 rating/20 share in primetime, beating out ABC's 11.3/17. CBS took third with a 6.0/9. FOX, 3.4/5, came in fourth, and The WB trailed with a 1.7/3.

ABC managed to grab a victory among adults 18-49 with a 7.7 rating. NBC was right behind at 7.2. FOX was third at 2.6, followed by CBS, 2.0, and The WB, 1.1.

The first hour of prime-time Olympics coverage delivered an 11.6/18 for NBC at 7 p.m. CBS' "60 Minutes," 7.6/12, was second. "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" was third for ABC at 6.2/10. "Malcolm in the Middle" and a "King of the Hill" rerun averaged 2.5/4 for FOX. The WB aired an hour of "Reba."

The Olympics improved to 14.0/20 at 8 p.m. with coverage of snowboarding, short-track speedskating and the men's downhill. ABC jumped up to second with another hour of "EM: Home Edition," 9.2/13. A "Cold Case" rerun was third for CBS at 6.5/9. Repeats of "The Simpsons" and "The War at Home" kept FOX in fourth. "Charmed" averaged 2.1/3 for The WB.

NBC peaked at 9 p.m. with a 14.7/21, beating ABC's "Desperate Housewives," 14.5/20 (although ABC had the lead among younger viewers). CBS aired the movie "The Sum of All Fears." FOX went with reruns of "Family Guy," 4.0/6, and "American Dad," 3.5/5, and The WB was fifth with a "Charmed" repeat.

At 10 p.m., "Grey's Anatomy" conlcuded its post-Super Bowl cliffhanger with a 15.4/24, topping an original "Housewives" for the first time ever. The Olympics scored a 12.4/19 for the hour, while CBS' movie came in at 4.7/7.

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