Order : "DVDs Season 1"

   2x16 - There Is No Other Way

US : 12 March 2006

Cast : Carol Mansell (Pat), Zane Huett (Parker Scavo), Joy Lauren (Danielle Van De Kamp), Harriet Sansom Harris (Felicia Tilman), Brent Kinsman (Preston Scavo), Ryan Carnes (Justin), Nick Chinlund (Det. Sullivan), Jay Harrington (Dr. Ron McCready) , Tanner Maguire (Young Zach), Tim Monsion (Dr. Cunningham), Deborah Theaker (Rhoda), Bruce Jarchow (Mr. Bormanis), Dagney Kerr (Nurse Ruth Ann Heisel), John Kapelos (Eugene Beale), Jay Harrington (Dr. Ron McCready), Bob Gunton (Noah Taylor), Kathryn Harrold (Helen Rowland)

Writing : Bruce Zimmerman

Direction : Randy Zisk

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Noah Taylor arranges for Paul Young to be arrested for "credit card fraud" but when he's taken downtown, he's shoved in a van with two violent inmates. Felicia, who's moved back in next to the Youngs, tells Mike about Paul's arrest and that she "doesn't think he'll be back anytime soon." Fearing the worst, he goes to Zach to tell him about Noah, but just then a roughed-up Paul is brought home in a squad car. Zach offers to get Noah off their backs by agreeing to see him. And when he does, he warns Noah if he ever hurts Paul again, Zach will be through with him.

Tom is frustrated when Lynette tells him he "didn't give 100 percent" on one of his ad pitches, so when she burns the meatloaf at dinner, he asks her if she gave 100 percent to the meatloaf. That night, when they start to have sex, he accuses her of trying to boss him in the bedroom too. He tells her he can't stand being her "caddy husband" and that he needs to be the one to drive sometimes. As they arrive for work the next day, barely speaking to each other, he pushes the stop button on the elevator and tells her he's OK with things, as long as he gets to drive sometimes. And then he kisses her, over her protestations that they're going to be late. "So we'll be late," she finally says, and gives in.

Carlos and Gabrielle are taken aback to find out that the adoption process means their being approved by a birth mother instead of the other way around. In order to appear to be ideal parents, they convince Lynette to let them be godparents to her children. The woman at the adoption agency is impressed, until her colleague shows up. It's Helen Rowland, the mother of Gabby's underage ex-boyfriend, John, and she assures them that not only can't they adopt through her agency, but she'll spread the word about them at every agency in town. They have no choice but to go to a less reputable firm, but one that speaks their language: Cash.

Susan is set to go under the knife and Dr. Ron is going to be doing the honors after all -- her other surgeon broke his arm. Ron gives her a beautiful bouquet with a gushing note and the nurse, who clearly has a thing for Dr. Ron, says he's about to tell Susan he loves her. Karl has also stopped by to see Susan and as he's leaving, he mentions to the nurse to "watch his wife." Susan tries to explain to the enraged nurse she's Karl's ex-wife, but she's checked the insurance records in the meantime and confirmed that they really are married. So Susan explains she did it just for the insurance and didn't tell Ron because she wanted to protect him. When Lynette comes to visit her, Susan confesses she doesn't feel the "thunderbolt" with Ron that she felt with Karl and Mike.

Mike visits the hospital just as a doped-up Susan is being wheeled off to surgery. She's very glad to see him, so glad in fact that minutes later in the O.R. when Dr. Ron tells her he loves her, she happily informs him she loves ... Mike. "Who's Mike?" the bewildered doctor asks. Then the nurse blurts out that Susan's married to someone named Karl and runs out in tears.

Lynette tells Gabrielle and Susan about Bree's drinking problem. After Lynette leaves, Bree comes over to make sure they don't have the wrong idea about her, but instead all they notice is the alcohol on her breath.

Since his hit and run, Andrew is without a car and Bree won't let him have one. When her calls her "a mean old drunk," she slaps him. So he gets his boyfriend, Justin, to punch him in the face so he can accuse Bree of having done it when she was drunk. He's hired a lawyer to sue her for emancipation and access to his trust fund. Bree realizes she must remove the appearance of a drinking problem, so she joins AA. But when she comes back from her meetings, she's still hitting the bottle.

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