Order : "DVDs Season 1"

   2x17 - Could I Leave You?

US : 26 March 2006

Cast : Ryan Carnes (Justin), Zane Huett (Parker Scavo), Shane Kinsman (Porter Scavo), Joy Lauren (Danielle Van De Kamp), Brent Kinsman (Preston Scavo) , Ryan Zenter (Donovan), Kristin Bauer (Veronica), Eddie McClintock (Frank), John Kapelos (Eugene Beale), Nichole Hiltz (Libby), Jennifer Lyons (Cecile), Lee Tergesen (Peter McMillian), Currie Graham (Ed Ferrara), Jennie Campbell (Deanna), Jake Zenter (Donovan), Bruce Jarchow (Mr. Bormanis), Darryl Alan Reed (Security Guard), William Stanford Davis (William), Reid Collums (Bartender), Mitch Silpa (Jerry), Jay Harrington (Dr. Ron McCready)

Writing : Scott Sanford Tobis, Pam Thomas

Direction : xxx

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Gabrielle and Carlos reject a potential adoptive baby because its mother is hideously ugly. They do approve of a beautiful blonde who's a pole dancer -- but she rejects them because they're Latino. But since she'd said she expected presents, Gabrielle knows she can be bribed. After she is instantly swayed by a pair of diamond earrings, Gabrielle realizes that she wasn't racist, just looking for a bigger payday.

At her AA meetings, Bree's vagueness on how long she's been sober tips off a fellow AA member that she's still secretly drinking. She explains that she's not really an alcoholic, she's only coming to undermine Andrew's attempt to paint her as a bad mother. And her plan is working: with Bree appearing to be the model mother, Andrew's lawyer tells him he doesn't stand a chance in court.

Bree is having a glass of wine at a department store restaurant when she sees Andrew -- who's supposed to be grounded -- shopping with Justin. He's also using a credit card he borrowed from her purse. When she crows that this is going to ruin his legal action against her, he retaliates by saying he's suddenly remembering some childhood sexual abuse. Shaken, Bree goes back to the counter and tells the waiter to leave the bottle of wine. The next thing she knows, she wakes up in the dressing room and it's after hours. She's locked in! She has no choice but to call her AA mentor, who asks her if she still can't see she has a problem.

Matthew can't work because taking care of Caleb is a full-time job, so he is frustrated that he needs to ask Betty for money to buy some jewelry for Danielle's birthday.

Danielle comes home to an empty house -- and finds Caleb sitting in her bedroom with some jewelry for her birthday. She panics and asks him to leave.

Lynette hires a new employee, who asks if it's OK if she breast-feeds her son at work. Lynette tells her it's a mom-friendly environment and to go right ahead. But then she sees that the boy is no infant -- he's five years old! Ed and the rest of the office are appalled when they find out, and they appoint Lynette to talk to her about it. The employee says she'll sue if they try to stop her. But then one day she's busy, so Lynette offers her son something he's never had before: chocolate milk. She finds the mother in tears -- the boy won't nurse anymore. And then she confides the real reason she kept it up -- nursing a five-year-old kept her weight off. "Bummer," says a completely unsympathetic Lynette.

Dr. Ron has been avoiding Susan after her surgery, but he finally asks her who this MIke guy is she said she loved. She lies and says she doesn't know a Mike. And to smooth over the awkward business of her being married, she invites Ron to have dinner with her and Karl. Bree and Gabrielle are surprised to see how well Karl and Susan are getting along and Bree confides to Gabby that, before Mike came into the picture, she always thought they'd get back together.

The dinner is going great, until there's a gusher of water under Susan's kitchen sink. Without thinking, Karl sends Ron across the street to get Mike. Once Ron realizes that the plumber's name is Mike, and Mike admits he and Susan used to date, he flips out. In the meantime, Susan has maneuvered her wheelchair out onto the sidewalk. In trying to stop Ron, she ends up falling into the street. Mike witnesses this and thinks Ron pushed her, so they start to fight. Ron storms off and Susan tells Mike it's all his fault.

Mike comes by to see how she's doing and to apologize. He asks if she wants to talk about it, but just then Ron finally returns Susan's many calls. She takes the call and tells Mike that there's no point in talking about what happened.

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