Order : "DVDs Season 1"

   2x18 - Everybody Says Don't

US : 2 April 2006

Cast : Joy Lauren (Danielle Van De Kamp), Zane Huett (Parker Scavo), Harriet Sansom Harris (Felicia Tilman), Brent Kinsman (Preston Scavo), Shawn Pyfrom (Andrew Van De Kamp), Shane Kinsman (Porter Scavo) , John Kapelos (Eugene Beale), Jay Harrington (Dr. Ron), Jennifer Lyons (Stripper), Lee Tergesen (Peter McMillian), Roxana Brusso (Maternity Nurse), Bruce Jarchow (Mr. Bormanis), Carol Mansell (Pat), Nichole Hiltz (Libby Collins), Diane Delano (Donna), Eddie McClintock (Frank)

Writing : Alexandra Cunningham, Jenna Bans

Direction : Tom Cherones

.: Review:.

Bree's new commitment to sobriety means she's calling her AA sponsor, Peter, whenever she gets the urge to drink. But when she gives him a playful kiss on the cheek, he confesses he's also a sex addict. She doesn't believe him and gives him a real kiss and before she knows it, he's ripping off his shirt and throwing her down on the table. He comes to his senses and runs off before anything else happens. Later he tells her he's found a new sponsor for her, the no-nonsense Donna, since he doesn't want to jeopardize her recovery.

Bree apologizes to Lynette for endangering her kids and tells her that she's joined AA. Lynette forgives her, but is suspicious when Bree mentions her court date and wants to know what kind of testimony Lynette is going to give about the babysitting incident. Lynette says she's going to to tell the truth. But when Andrew's lawyer visits her, she says she doesn't want to testify. So he shows her a photo of Andrew with bruises that Bree supposedly gave him. Lynette is torn, but Gabrielle sides with Bree.

Lynette lets Andrew take a test drive of one of her client's SUVs while she sounds him out about the deposition and the situation at his home. He's more focused on he car than he is with the alleged abuse, so Lynette decides he's lying. So she lies through her teeth at the deposition, denying that Bree even has a drinking problem.

Felicia tells Mike that she still expects him to do something about Paul Young, but he tells her his hands are tied.

Julie is horrified to see how lovey dovey Karl and Susan are acting, and keeps reminding Karl that he's engaged to Edie now. He's confident that his marriage plans will take months, allowing him plenty of time to divorce Susan before the wedding. But then Edie tells Susan she's planning a surprise wedding the next day. Susan tells Karl that he has to stall for a big wedding down the road. When they go to talk to Edie, they find Dr. Ron inside, who's told Edie about the marriage of convenience. Edie finds a vase to throw at them as Karl hustles Susan out.

Edie decides to forgive them -- if Karl pays for a wedding that will cost three times what he can afford and if Susan does all the work in planning it.

Bree calls Peter to invite him to Edie's engagement party, but he tells her to never call him again. So she goes to a bar and gets drunk. Peter shows up and carries Bree out. She tells him she doesn't need Donna, she needs him.

At the engagement party, Susan finds a photo of her and Karl in Karl's bartending guide and confronts him about it. He says he'll call the wedding off with Edie if she wants it, but just then Edie comes to get him to open the presents.

Felicia's present is a tiny chest with her sister Martha's dentures in it. She tells the stunned room that she wanted Edie to have something to remember Martha by, since Paul Young (who's also a guest), murdered her so horribly. Paul quietly takes his leave.

When Carlos and Gabrielle show up with the latest present for the stripper whose baby they're going to adopt, they meet her bouncer boyfriend, who clearly has no idea that she's giving the baby up for adoption. Carlos decides he has to buy the boyfriend off. And then the stripper reveals it's not his baby after all, and the Solises quickly take back their cash bribe.

The mother goes into labor and they show up to claim their baby. The boyfriend is there, and threatening to light himself on fire unless she tells him who the father is. She admits it's his brother. Carlos and Gabby realize that their adoption papers are useless now because there's a known father, but they hustle the baby home, rather than face giving her up.

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