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   2x22 - No One Is Alone

US : 14 May 2006

Cast : Gwendoline Yeo (Xiao-Mei), Zane Huett (Parker Scavo), Shawn Pyfrom (Andrew Van De Kamp), Shane Kinsman (Porter Scavo), Joy Lauren (Danielle Van De Kamp), Harriet Sansom Harris (Felicia Tilman), Doug Savant (Tom Scavo), Brent Kinsman (Preston Scavo) , Lindsay Hollister (Maureen), Wayne Lopez (Air Marshall), Tiffany Thornton (Barbie), Stephen Tobolowsky (Bud Penrod), Bill Bolender (Property Manager), Arnie Powell (Cop #1), Dougald Park (Doctor), Susan Diol (Flight Attendant), Kyle MacLachlan (Orson), Kathryn Joosten (Mrs. McCluskey)

Writing : Kevin Murphy, Chris Black

Direction : David Grossman

.: Review:.

Susan's insurance agent tells her that she can't get her settlement because the fire department has ruled her house fire as arson. She realizes that Edie is the only one not helping her clean up -- even Orson showed up. So Susan goes to ask her if she burned down her house and she admits it. But Edie says she'll deny everything to the police.

She decides to try to get Edie to confess on tape but Edie realizes she's wearing a wire. She chases Susan to try to get the tape recorder away from her, and she falls under a wasp's nest. Edie ends up in the hospital, horribly stung. Susan says she'll forget the whole thing if Edie tells the police she saw a vagrant setting her house on fire. But Edie says no deal and that Susan will end up on her feet since she's so good at playing the victim.

Susan takes the message to heart and when Mike asks her to move in with him, she turns him down, saying she's stronger than people think.

Bree invites Susan and Julie to move into Andrew's old room. Bree is upbeat about Andrew's absence, which she explains as him running away. She promises to be the best mother to Danielle she can, since she's all Bree has left. Danielle tells her that she can definitely do better, since she forget Danielle's birthday, which was six weeks ago! At the makeup party, Bree has a meltdown and screams at Danielle's friends when one of them "ruins" the cake by tasting the frosting.

Susan tells Bree she's worried about her and she admits she left Andrew in the middle of nowhere and now she can't sleep because she keeps seeing his face in the rearview mirror.

Lynette tells Tom she knows he's been taking side trips to Atlantic City. He says he's up for a top job there and he wanted to surprise her. When she asks about the theater tickets and flowers, he says they were also business related. Since he's going backon another trip, Lynette decides to follow him there.

She trails him to a house, where she sees him go upstairs with a brunette. When Tom comes home from his business trip, he finds the house empty. Mrs. McCluskey tells him Lynette packed up the kids and the puppy and left.

Gabrielle is thrilled when she finds out that Xiao Mei is pregnant -- until it means she can't use any of her perfume or hair products because they trigger her morning sickness. Then Carlos gives up their bed to her Xiao Mei because their bathroom is closer. Carlos admits that he considers Xiao Mei the real mother of his child.

Gabrielle retaliates by spraying her bed with the perfume that makes Xiao Mei sick. Carlos is furious and decides to sleep on the couch, where Xiao Mei joins him and offers a taste of something forbidden -- red meat, which Gabrielle, who has him on a strict diet, won't let him eat.

Betty won't let Matthew out of the basement because if he's free, she says she doesn't know what she's going to do to him. Danielle sneaks over to see him, and finds him locked up. So she waits until Betty comes back, knocks her out and frees Matthew.

Danielle leaves a note for Bree that she's run away with Matthew and is never coming back, and that it's all Bree's fault. Bree drives herself to a psychiatric hospital and asks to be admitted, saying she thinks she's going to have a nervous breakdown.

Felicia calls 911 and tells them Paul is threatening her, and then she puts another bag of her own blood into the freezer, where there is a sizable stash already. Paul wakes up in the middle of the night to find blood all over his kitchen and the cops are on their way. In his van, they find two of her fingers and they take Paul in. But Felicia is very much alive and hiding out in a cabin in the mountains.

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